UptimeBar Releases

A simple OSX menu bar app that notifies you if any of your websites are down. Never miss another minute of downtime!


4th Dec 2018
  • Fixes

    • Auto updater sometimes showing an error even when it's downloading successfully


3rd Dec 2018
  • Fixes

    • Catch caching and connection timeout errors from Cloudflare showing as "unknown errors"
    • Fix a problem where deleting monitors occasionally causing an incorrect "site back up" notification


3rd Dec 2018
  • Changes

    • Moved logging into a separate module to better manage log rotation
    • Reduced the max file size to for log rotation


    • Fixed an issue where some new monitors were not showing up in the sites list 🥳
    • Fixed a problem with the download icon ⬇️ not showing alongside the site down icon ❗️ in the menu bar when an update is available


14th Nov 2018
  • Fixes

    We're very sorry to report that there was a problem with the auto-updater which prevented some users from installing the latest version, which is now fixed.

    If you are having problems downloading the latest version please contact us using uptimebar@squarecat.io.


8th Nov 2018
  • Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where the download icon wouldn't always show in the tray
    • Added a message if an error occurs while downloading a new update
    • Improved log rotation


6th Nov 2018

Dark Mode Support 🖤

We've updated UptimeBar to look great in Mojave Dark Mode!

  • Features

    UptimeBar now looks great in MacOS Mojave Dark Mode! 🖤


    Never miss another minute of downtime whilst also being kind to your eyes 🤩


    Head on over to UptimeBar.app to get UptimeBar now!


18th Sep 2018
  • Fixes

    Whoops we got the config screen size slightly wrong after adding some content. It's fixed now 😅


18th Sep 2018
  • Features ☀️

    Get notifications when your websites are down (and when they come back up if you like)

    UptimeBar notification

    Easily see your website monitors grouped by domain

    UptimeBar menu


    • Control how often you check how your websites are doing
    • Automatic updates

    Get UptimeBar now!


18th Sep 2018

Final fixes...

  • Fixes

    • Fix auto updater download link location
    • Added icon affiliation links for licensing
    • Disable debug logging when built for production


17th Sep 2018
  • Fixes

    • Code standards are now enforced using a linter
    • Fix auto updater not completing the download and install process


17th Sep 2018
  • Changes 😎

    • Improved the look and usability of the config window
    • Added a link to create UptimeRobot account on the setup window
    • Further tidying of code for release


    • Stop config window buttons from being a draggable area
    • Fix "site back up" notifications showing more than once
    • Fix "site down" notifications showing for sites which are paused
    • Handle the user having no website monitors
    • Restart polling with the new value if poll interval is updated


12th Sep 2018

First release!

UptimeBar is now available for early adopters!

  • Changes 😎

    • Improved ordering of URLs
    • Tidied code for release 🙈


    • Disconnecting from the internet no longer kills the app
    • Config windows are now draggable again
    • Only alert if site is DOWN or SEEMS_DOWN